Alex enjoys the close co-operation with our customers

Article by Alex Imhof

In June 2018, I graduated as an electronics engineer from Århus University and in the September of that year, I started working as an embedded software developer for OJ Electronics.

My first impression of OJ was a professional and meticulous HR process, which focused on finding employees with the right skills as well as a personality that fits the team of which you become part of.

During my studies, I worked at a company in Starup where all employees were newly qualified or in education. It is a big contrast to OJ, where I am part of the HVAC team, with colleagues that have many years of experience. Despite the fact that some employees have more than 25 years of experience, OJ has a relatively flat organisation, which you feel in the team. Everyone is heard and everybody contributes.

The field of embedded software has experienced a rapid development in recent years and it is important that OJ can keep up with the development in this area. Only two months after my first workday, I was on a plane to England to participate in a 4-day Embedded Linux course. To me, this shows a company that takes the technological development seriously and makes sure that the company’s software developers get the right education and knowledge in order to create industry-leading products for HVAC and electric floor heating.

I also have some courses planned for the next year, which I think is awesome! You get a break from everyday life, learn many new things and make new contacts worldwide.

One of the best aspects of working as a software developer at OJ, is that we have a close co-operation with our customers. Often, the customers do not have great technological knowledge in software and therefore it is of great value for both the customers as well as the developers, so that we make the right specification for the new features together. It helps the customer to get the right solution, which they are pleased with – and that we as developers have the opportunity to make an impact on the solution without always having to communicate with the customers through another employee.

Right now, we are facing a major overhaul of how to develop and release software. Specifically, we are working on strengthening our software project tools by migrating them to a new platform, enhancing our possibility to run automated code analysis on the developed software. This is a necessary step in order to continue delivering high quality software on time in the future.

Personally, I think it is incredibly inspiring to be part of this journey and I believe we can achieve great results with these new and modern software development tools.


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