Jens participates in Denmark´s toughest charity event

”Cykelnerven” is the toughest charity event in Denmark. Each summer, 250 participants compete to reach the top of the French mountains to raise money for research into sclerosis and awareness about the disease. Tour de France is a crucial factor in the DNA of ”Cykelnerven”. The participants pass the most challenging Tour mountains, just a few weeks before the official field reaches the exact same mountain peaks.

One of the participants is Product Manager Jens Antonsen, OJ Electronics:

"I have been cycling on an amateur level for many years, and I ride my bike 17 km back and forth to work every day. In 2017, I chose to register as a participant at ”Cykelnerven” after reading about the race in a magazine my wife brought home from the Sclerosis Association.

I participate because it is a huge challenge, it is not about length - but about the height! By 2017, the route consisted of 11,500 vertical metres with gradients above 20%. The route for 2018 will also be a kind of premiere on Tour de France with the same mountain climbs as the tour reaches 3 weeks later".

Jens practices with the rest of the team from Sønderborg, cycling 170-180 km a week riding on a  specialised bike made of carbon material. The bike is so stiff that nothing gives when pedalling intensely.

About the Sønderborg team counting 40 participants, Jens talks about the variation in team composition and that 3 team members suffer from sclerosis themselves. All participants must provide a number of sponsorships for ”Cykelnerven”, and it requires an effort from the participants. OJ Electronics has bought space for their logo on the equipment, supporting a good cause.

"I spend some of my holiday on the race and also participate in the Euro-eyes race in Hamburg, which is the race in Europe with the most participants. We bike 180 km and it is an awesome experience, among other things because the entire route is sealed off – it is like a folk festival with a lot of people".

The family actively supports Jens's cycling interests, but the family summer holidays are reserved for other things than cycling.


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