Kim´s know-how in action

10 years ago, Kim was hired as hardware engineer at OJ Electronics. OJ Electronics was about to convert an older motor control to a new and far more complex control, and here Kim’s know-how and expertise with motor controls became a valuable asset for OJ Electronics.

Additionally, Kim’s expert skills were expanded on intensive courses where he, among other things, was trained in FOC control of PMSM motors by an expert from Aalborg University. This way, he was well equipped to address the very challenging work of converting to energy efficient motors.

Kim: ”I am still expanding my professional competences and getting inspiration via courses. It feels good with new input. Today, I am in a position where I participate from the initial project phase to the final transition of production. I work closely with Sales and Marketing and the customer in question. It is one of the factors, which makes my job exciting. The dialogue with the customer, whether the customer’s requirements to control and motor are optimal, is an important part of my work.

When we have reached an understanding and the agreement is settled, I am still continuously in contact with the customer in order to always optimise the product to the customer’s requirements and wishes, so that we obtain the customer’s satisfaction”.

Especially praise and positive statements from the customers are motivating for me, but also collegial recognition can get the motivation level to the top”.

Kim describes his job as hardware engineer at OJ Electronics as varied with versatile tasks.

He also informs that he has the opportunity to change between diverse, challenging tasks and more routine work, which he is quite comfortable with.

To Kim a good day at work is: “a day when I can work undisturbed with the many branches of electronics, where I can create results and move forward in the development process! I have found my niche at OJ Electronics”.


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