Large scale waste management

Interview with Bernd Sievers

Bernd Sievers has worked at OJ for the last 23 years. He is an educated machine technician.
”I primarily work with quality control, which among other things includes the inspection of incoming goods, exit control, case handling and end line inspection”.
”I also take part in updating company safety data sheets, for instance describing proper handling of chemicals etc.”

”Additionally, I also handle waste management on a daily basis”. ”The Ministry of the Environment of Denmark sets the guidelines for waste management, which the Danish municipalities then impose on companies to follow”.

Sønderborg municipality is Denmark’s leader in the struggle of sustainability, and an extensive effort is made to reach a CO2 neutral Sønderborg by the end of 2029 with “Project Zero”. OJ’s detailed waste management programme goes hand in hand with this ambituous goal.

”I am very enthusiastic about making a difference in this area, which has a positive impact on nature and the environment”.

”At OJ, we collect and sort materials such as cardboard, metal, electronic material, plastic, paper, batteries and much more. Today, OJ’s waste is divided into 21 categories, each of which requires a special handling. Cardboard makes up the majority – we gather around 35 tons of cardboard a year”.

”In many ways, cardboard is a good material. Besides being recyclable, cardboard does not create static electricity (ESD). Thus, we ask all our suppliers to pack and send the goods we order in cardboard boxes. The filling material should also be preferably of cardboard or another ESD safe material. Most of our suppliers use this solution today”.

”Household waste, chemicals, fluorescent tubes, cables and various metals are also collected. Even the cloths used for chemicals are collected and sent for separate destruction”.

All employees are involved in this recycling process. Bernd has carefully planned a waste handling course, which all new employees at OJ must attend. Nothing is left to chance.

”I spend about 25% of my working hours on waste management. I deal with it every day, you have to keep on top of it all the time, otherwise you loose control”.
”It is important that all employees contribute and make an effort”.

Electronic waste is sorted into different fractions. ”Several OJ employees assist with this, but I prefer sorting some items, like plastic waste, myself. I simply detach the electronic parts from the plastic parts, taking a little at a time each day, until I have a clean product. Thus, the recycling is at its most effective”.

”I even work on recirculating our non-recyclable waste. For instance, I have found a buyer in the local area for special cardboard sheets with glued foam material, which are not degradable. By doing this, it is used time and again – surely, that is a Win-Win situation”.

What does your work with waste management mean to you?
”I definitely feel that I can make a difference. I actually do something to help protect the enviroment every single day”. 


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