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The HVAC team has just returned from yet another fair. This time, the team attended the week-long fair, Mostra Convegno, in Milan. OJ’s team consists of representatives from sales, product management and marketing. The days at the fair start early and end late. Of course, this is due to the long opening hours, but also because the team works well together socially

In recent years, the HVAC business has experienced  that the OJ brand along with its many successes is now so well-known that even large global market leaders in the industry not only know us, but turn to us to discuss business opportunities. Fortunately, the fair in Milan was characterised by that.

At the fair, we are a close-knit team – we are never alone unless we want to. Typically, we are back at the hotel around 8 pm after a long and busy day with full attention and a high workload. Nevertheless, the entire team - along with colleagues visiting the fair - participate in the social event in the evening, sharing positive stories and having a good time - enjoying a good meal and a glass of wine.

At the recently held fair, we made contact with several major players in the market that we have been targeting for a long time. They have now turned to us suggesting new business. This not only shows that customers have to be ready to be interested. It also shows that when the customer’s needs arise, they know who to contact to get a productive solution. The market leaders know us and are aware that OJ’s solutions create value for their products and that OJ is on the forefront of the technological development.

Jesper Jacobsen, Export manager, HVAC


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