Preben and Jesper seal the deal

Here, at OJ Electronics, we believe that employees make all the difference and are the heart of the organization. This article tells you abut exactly just that: a success story of how dedication and know-how of our experts, resulted in landing a good deal.

The relationship with our customer dates back to 2009, when Jesper paid his first visit and they have started buying OJ motor controls. The story, however, starts in 2013, when Preben (Product Manager) and Jesper (Export Manager) visited again to introduce OJ’s plans for the next generation of motor controls. The customer was so pleased with the product that they decided to switch to the new motor controls after release, using them as supplement to their own ventilation product program with built-in motor controls.

In Spring 2016, this customer inquired if OJ was interested in developing their next generation of built-in motor controls, which OJ agreed to. An NDA was signed, but unfortunately the project came to a stop at the customer.

At the ISH fair 2017 in Frankfurt, the customer visited OJ’s stand to inform that they were now ready to start. The specifications were forwarded to OJ and a joint technical meeting was held at OJ.

Preben: ”The customer was very excited about the meticulous review of their specification made by us. It showed that we performed exceptional preliminary work and that OJ had the experience and know-how for the customer to feel confident with OJ as their new supplier”.

In particular, the customer expressed satisfaction with Jesper and Preben’s friendliness and drive. The parties had good chemistry.

Jesper: ”All the praise from the customer was, among other things, due to us fully mastering the technology of the product we are selling. It gives a sense of satisfaction as I, after all, represent the product”.

Preben: ”We got so much praise that we almost blushed. We were highly praised for our excellent legwork, the high product quality and the good co-operation we had with the customer. It just feels fantastic to get so much praise”.

The agreement began falling into place and a negotiation meeting was arranged.

The customer was now ready to enter the next phase:  the negotiation of becoming a large customer and replacing their present supplier with OJ.

Jesper: ”Of course, I was happy but also very excited about the negotiations. At some point during negotiations, we had to take a time-out to find a united approach for the road ahead”.

There were some challenges on the way. ”It dragged on and unexpected parameters, which we had to take into account,  kept turning up and delayed the negotiations further”, Jesper says and continues: ”I partly credit the success to the excellent teamwork between Preben and I as well as the combination of my salesmanship and Preben’s vast know-how about OJ’s products”.

”The final agreement is signed at last ” Preben says, ”we were ready to sound the horn … completion, and it was especially a proud moment when we pushed the button”.

Jesper: ”It is just so mind-blowing when you manage to finalise such an agreement. It is awesome to add this to your resume, and it does not end here – Germany is big!”


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